REFLECT: Start getting to grips with why you’re marketing. What are you doing now and what do you want and need to do?

  • Each Module is £145 including your FREE Marketing MoT Workbook. 
  • Personal consultation face-to-face or video. 
  • Up to 2 hours for each module
  • 3 follow-up calls
  • You control the speed and destination!

OWN: This moves to searching questions about your marketing and digital marketing infrastructure. Take the opportunity to tackle any technical gaps in your knowledge alongside an expert. Start talking to your suppliers with confidence. Make changes immediately that profoundly affect your infrastructure. More confidence. Better value for the money you’ve already spent! 

PLAN: Here you move from the present to the future. You move to plan the future communications your business will commit to. This approach relies on your organisation creating material and content on an ongoing basis. So planning it requires a disciplined, documented approach, goals and reviews. Here you can plan your efficiencies from the start. 

ACT: This covers all aspects of what you plan to create for your target customers and what channels you will use to communicate with them. Whatever you do must serve business goals.

LINK: This module asks you to decide how you link your business to the outside world. Here you cover all aspects of social media, face-to-face and email marketing. As you see these confusing tasks in context and prioritise your approach, you can start looking forward to doing them consistently and with confidence. 


Would you start a journey without checking your car’s tyre pressure and oil levels? Do you have a map and is your engine tuned? When you choose the Marketing MoT service you’re ensuring you are getting your company’s marketing basics right.

  • Work at your own pace with the workbook (£20).
  • Work with a consultant. There are five 2-hour sessions that can be booked over 5 days or 5 weeks, payable in advance. Buy single modules @£145 each or a combination or all 5 modules, payable in advance.
  • For programmes where the 5 sessions are run over a longer period (maximum 5 months), payment plans are available. For example 5 monthly payments of £145 in advance of each session.

Based on decades of experience in communications, marketing and digital marketing the Marketing MoT service has 5 stages of 10 questions: 50 questions in total. Stage 1 has 10 questions covering the vital areas you need to decide before you do anything else. The other 4 stages cover the main points of our OPAL Dashboard where OPAL stands for Own-Plan-Act-Link. Stage 2 (Own) has 10 questions on your marketing infrastructure. Stage 3 (Plan) has 10 questions on organising your future communications. Stage 4 (Act) has 10 questions on your content creation and channels. Stage 5 (Link) has 10 questions on your digital, non-digital and face-to-face links with your targets.

The Marketing MoT Workbook

Download the PDF and start right away!

On a scale of 1 – 10, I would rate the marketing MOT programme and materials a solid 10.  As someone who’s language is NOT marketing or strategic communication, all of the materials provided have demystified things for me, so I can now implement a robust and intelligent strategy, which will only serve to enhance and grow my business. I’m not entirely sure where there could be room for improvement with any aspect of the Marketing MoT.

Would you recommend the Marketing MoT to other businesses? Absolutely – without any shadow of doubt.

Lisa Wolfe BSc (Psych) DSFH HPD MNCH (Reg.) AfSFH (Reg.) PTSD & Trauma Specialist 


 Stage 1: Reflect

Start by choosing your timescale, buy the workbook or buy the consultant-led programme, and make the appropriate payment. Then your Drive Your Marketing consultant will ask you to fill in the initial questionnaire of 10 vital questions that guide your business marketing. The questionnaire is on the Contact Page. Consider the 10 questions and fill in as much or as little as you are comfortable with. Your consultant will then set up a meeting with you in person or via Skype or phone, to analyse and assess it. Don’t worry! We don’t expect you to complete the questionnaire without the help of your consultant.

Stage 2: Own

Stage 2 (Own) moves to 10 searching questions about your marketing and digital marketing infrastructure. As always, fill in the questionnaire with the help of your consultant and gain confidence as you understand the technical jargon and how all the elements fit together.

Stage 3: Plan

Stage 3 (Plan) moves from the present to the future, with 10 essential questions to get you planning what future communications your business will commit to. As always, your consultant will help you answer these questions so you can look forward to saving money or spending the same money to do more. We help you plan in efficiencies from the outset.

Stage 4: Act

Stage 4 (Act) covers all aspects of what you plan to create for your target customers and what channels you will use to communicate with them. As always, your consultant will help you work through these 10 crucial questions so you plan your content creation and channel selection to ensure your marketing is enjoyable to make and receive.

Stage 5: Link

The final 10 questions in Stage 5 (Link) ask you to decide on how you link your business to your targets and leads. As always your consultant will help you reach your decisions on these final 10 important questions that cover all aspects of social media, face-to-face and email engagement. As you see these confusing tasks in context and prioritise your approach, you can start looking forward to doing them with confidence.
Well done! Once you have successfully tackled all 50 questions, your consultant will use your answers to create a Marketing Logbook for your business. Based on the respected OPAL 4-stage 12-module approach exclusively created by Drive Your Marketing, the Marketing Logbook becomes the document of record and the document of intent for your business. For helping in implementing your new plan, choose one of our Advanced Driver services: Navigator, Cruise Control or Accelerator.



£145 per module or £725 for the whole programme



From £95/month


Price Dependent on Activities


Price Dependent on Activities

StartAdvanced Driver
Service Name:Marketing MoTNavigatorCruise ControlAccelerator
Brief Description:Start by answering 50 questions to turbo-charge your marketing. As you work through the Marketing MoT with your consultant you increase your confidence and learn how to do more with your marketing budget.After successfully pre-qualifying with your Marketing MoT programme, really start to drive your marketing with advanced driver services to suit all business sizes and budgets.
Duration:If you're in a hurry do your Marketing MoT in 5 weeks or less. If you're on a budget do your Marketing MoT in 5 months or less.MonthlyMonthly (Minimum 1 day)Monthly (Minimum 2 days)
Personal ConsultationYes. You're not alone. You have a dedicated consultant through the programme to meet, email and phone.Marketing MoTMarketing MoTMarketing MoT
Account ManagerYesYesYesYes
Activities AuditYes. You work with your consultant to assess your existing and future activities.Marketing MoTMarketing MoTMarketing MoT
Customised LogbookYes! After you complete your Marketing MoT, the resulting logbook becomes the document of record for your activities and the document of intent for your future plans.Marketing MoTMarketing MoTMarketing MoT
Support ServicesYesYesYesYes
OwnYesAs AgreedAs AgreedAs Agreed
PlanYesAs AgreedAs AgreedAs Agreed
ActxAs AgreedAs AgreedAs Agreed
LinkxAs AgreedxAs Agreed


We set up Drive Your Marketing because we met a lot of businesses large and small with a dead website, out-of-date brochures and dead social media channels. These businesses had paid money, started doing the right things to get on the marketing road, then their engine had conked out and they were stuck on the side of the road watching their competitors overtake them. We hated that.

Our mission is to give our clients the tools to get back in the fast lane – and stay there – with our respected organising system for marketing activities, which we call the OPAL Programme. OPAL stands for Own – Plan – Act – Link. 

Thanks to our UK-wide network of trusted associates, some of whom we have worked with for decades, we take pride in offering our clients a comprehensive range of marketing activities. Of course, few businesses need everything: they just need to get their messages out at the right time to the right people. Why not get in touch with us and start to Drive Your Marketing. 


What is the OPAL Programme?

The OPAL Programme is the name we use for our organising system. As a new client you receive your comprehensive and vital Marketing Logbook that contains the route guide for your marketing journey. OPAL stands for the 4 main sections: Own – Plan – Act – Link. There are 12 sub-sections. In consultation with you we plan and customise the system to suit your individual business requirements.

What is a Marketing Logbook?

Your Marketing Logbook is the first stage in your marketing journey. When you have your initial consultation, our representative will start creating what becomes your customised Marketing Logbook. This sets out what marketing infrastructure and activities you already have and what you need. It gives you the context in which you can choose to use or ignore other marketing services, and the timescale. We create a Marketing Logbook for every one of our clients.

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is a much misunderstood (and misrepresented!) phrase. We use the definition created by the Content Marketing Institute:

“… a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience – and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.”


No, you don’t need all of these! Rest assured that if your business needs a particular mix of services, we’ll help you put them into context, then plan and execute them so you get full control and better results.
  • Training & Mentoring
  • Public Speaking & Presenting
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Video and Audio
  • Print & Ebooks
  • Public Relations (PR)
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Email Marketing
  • Website Creation & Maintenance
  • Branding & Design
  • Writing, Proofing & Editing
  • Consultancy Services