I’m dedicated to ensuring my clients get their communications right. I’ve spent my life working in various forms of communications, as an interpreter, translator, writer, presenter, videographer and digital marketer. I’ve worked in corporate offices and combat zones using three languages across four continents. Now I work with individuals and companies to help them get their marketing communications right. I developed the respected Marketing Logbook with the OPAL Dashboard and the AMBER Dashboard to help my clients really take charge and drive.


For 25 years I learned to speak Arabic fluently and became an expert in strategic communications in the Middle East, and an authority on its cultures, religions, politics and societies. When I finished as Chief Political Analyst in Baghdad in 2011 and came back to the UK, I started my own content marketing consultancy.

I was IT Training Manager for WPP (J.Walter Thompson and Hill & Knowlton) in London in the late 1990s/early 2000s and have been interested in digital technology since working in Karachi in 1997. I’ve also written extensively over the years, including a history of Egypt, TV scripts and countless articles, reports and training manuals. I helped to set up a local loyalty card in 2014 and wrote Life Junctions in 2015.

Through my life I’ve had many twists and turns, including cancer and being mortared, that have forced me to challenge myself in unexpected ways and pushed my boundaries far beyond what was comfortable.

I’ve always sought to create a professional and orderly environment even under the most extreme of circumstances. That’s why, from the chaotic mix of marketing choices we face these days, I decided to create some professional order and the result has been my Marketing Logbook and dashboards. Through these, I aim to put my clients back in the driver’s seat.


My background has given me a passion for getting to the heart of complicated issues and explaining them in accessible language. I love the artistry of storytelling generally. In particular I love the challenge of developing narratives and brand stories long-term and hence use a content marketing approach with my clients that aims to build a loyal audience for them.


As well as helping companies, one of my specialities is the very un-British art of helping individuals market themselves. In fact all this really means is ensuring they are confidently in charge of how they present themselves throughout the real and digital worlds.

If you want to discuss how I or my associates can help you and your company Drive Your Marketing, please get in touch. You can also visit my personal microsite here for my ebooks, blogs and more.