The #DailyDrive is an ‘On This Day’ series of inspirational driving videos and stories. We have created an entry for every day of the year. Of course it is easier to find videos for some days more than others and we are constantly looking for more videos. So if you have any suggestions just get in touch here.

Every day, somewhere in the world, someone is driving. He or She might be driving in a fantastic vehicle, or in a fantastic place, or in a fantastic way. So the #DailyDrive aims to give you a selection of inspirational driving videos for every day of the year. These cover professional events and amateur adventures. They cover everything it is possible to ‘drive’, such as powerboats, trains, trucks, cars, motorbikes and even snowmobiles. Many of the stories cover personal experiences of inspirational driving. Tell us if you have one of your own.

Search your birthday. Relax at lunchtime. At Drive Your Marketing we love driving as well as marketing. That is why we work to put our clients in the driver’s seat. Why not start your marketing journey with us.