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Start building in efficiencies from your very first consultation with us. With this easy-to-use system you drive your marketing strategy in both senses of the word:


You really can start to drive your marketing towards better results. You will use existing activities more effectively and innovate with fresh activities knowing these will boost your combined marketing.


You drive your marketing as you’re in full control. Once you’ve mastered the basics you can drive it wherever your business needs to go, with the confidence that you’ll make progress towards your chosen destination.


How? The Drive Your Marketing Logbook acts like a satnav to help guide you in what marketing activities to do now and later. You always know the context of different activities for your business and your target customers.

I really enjoyed Mark's presentation. He seems to have fitted about three lifetimes into one! Although there was a practical and useful element to his talk, it was the nuggets about Mark's experiences that I have really taken away. I certainly recommend taking the opportunity to attend Mark's talks, if you can.
I saw Mark give a marketing talk at Charing Cross London and really enjoyed it. It was clear that Mark has had a fascinating career, working and spending so much time in the Middle East. I was also very impressed by how many languages he speaks. A very like-able and genuine guy.
I really like this - thank you.
I think the website is fantastic – very impressed and well done! I am very pleased with the website and cannot thank you enough for your help with this.
When you work with us you can take advantage of decades of in-house experience in different fields of marketing and communications, and also our extensive network of specialist associates. No matter what mix of activities your strategy demands, we will plan, supply, coordinate and help you get results!
We offer professional communications consultancy services that have a proven track record in helping business owners, directors and stakeholders to get to grips with their marketing activities. Our services have helped startups and established businesses get on the right road, and you could be next! (Click the icon to visit the website).